Betting in Dubai

People who find fun from their respective games have the opportunity to get money from them too. They can earn money from betting. However, Dubai is not only known for the sky touching buildings and contemporary architecture but also, this is the city where you can bet on your favorite game. This is the main reason for which it would be best to come with a certain betting option that will fulfill your aspiration. 

Dubai is following the stricter religious lines. It always opposes what are not being mentioned in Islamic laws. Therefore, gambling in Dubai is not legally permitted. However, not all are exempted from gambling. Muslims can still play gambling for making things better. Betting in Dubai on real money has been disapproved. In this way, there is a deal of uniformity in different Islamic nations. This is the main reason for which, you can’t find any physical casinos or brick and mortar. Online casinos are possible in Dubai. 

How does Betting Work in Dubai? 

To know how does betting work in Dubai, you should know about the stricter laws in Dubai. As there are stricter laws in Dubai for betting, there are still loopholes available by which someone can fulfill their betting passion. However, it is quite easier to go through several exceptions that permit competition in the UAE. Before, going to organize these competitions, you have to authorize them from the relevant regulatory department. People may ask that, is sports betting legal in Dubai?  However, there are some betting permissions you can find on horse racing and shooting. Before going to bet on these games, certain requirements need to be properly fulfilled. These criteria will ensure the security of the betting money. These are: 

  • The betting must-have prize money and it needs to be told to the authorities in advance; 
  • A designated authority or personality will be invited to present the prize money; 
  • Before allowing the bets, there are different subject matters and different competition’s scope should be defined before the permission to grant; 

Unlike other countries, placing the bet in a traditional way is not possible. The prize money will be present to the winner only who has won the competition through his efforts. There is no way to pay the prize money to any third party. In this way, authorities in Dubai impose strict laws on gambling. 

How to Go for Online Betting in Dubai?

It has mentioned earlier that online gambling is entirely blocked by the authorities. Still, there are loopholes by which you can bet through various online betting sites in Dubai. Gamblers have options to get around through the Internet Access Management Policy with the help of a web proxy server. However, the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has banned such proxies but still, there are new proxies popping every day. If you are truly passionate about online sports betting in Dubai, you have options to go. 

Most of the players use a VPN for gambling. Through VPV, they get allotted a brand new IP address from a different country and in this way; they can easily access their online gambling sites without much hassle. If a gambler will use an IP from a different country where gambling is legal, he can easily access the online betting site by passing the local law of Dubai. Needless to mention, almost all the gamblers are using this method to access their relevant gambling sites. 

The remote desktop connection is another way to defy the local gambling law of Dubai. In this process, the computer will get the connection from outside the UAE and use the internet connection to properly access the bookmakers. 

How to Make Your Deposit from the UAE? 

Neteller is known as the most popular deposit option in Dubai. Apart from that, someone can use different popular credit cards and debit cards for making the payment for sports betting sites in Dubai. However, most of the players prefer to use E-Wallet Neteller. 

According to players, credit cards are much faster payment options compared to others. These are something that will not only make the player payment secure but also come with an easier way to complete the payment process. In some cases, these are not allowed and this is the main reason for which, it would be the right way to go for. E-Wallets are a perfect choice for the people who want to get all these things done for the completion of the payment. 

Types of Games on which You can Bet in Dubai 


Cricket is known as one of the most popular games to bet in Dubai. It has a huge fan following and gamblers can earn more from it. Dubai hosts several cricket matches. Indian Premier League is one of them. It creates huge attention from all over the world. 


Football is also another game that attracts the attention of the gamblers. It hosts English Premier League to La Liga. These massive tournaments are always on the radar of the gamblers. You can easily find a recommended betting site that offers wager on these kinds of highly popular tournaments.  

Horse Racing 

Horse Racing is also another popular sport to bet and it has popularity worldwide. This game is extremely popular in UAE and there are several millions of betting amounts on the racing. There are a number of best horses in Dubai that are attracting thousands of gamblers from all over the world.  


Tennis is also another popular game that attracts maximum eyeballs of the gamblers. Though it is less popular than cricket and football still it is enjoying huge popularity among the game lovers. You can bet on this game and it has a huge fan following. 

Formula 1 

Formula 1 racing is known as one of the most popular forms of auto racing in the world. From March to December, there are a number of racing tracks are getting buzzed with cheers for their popular drivers. Gamblers find a perfect way to bet on this game due to its popularity. 

Final Verdict  

Though Dubai doesn’t allow any kind of online gambling but still, a gambler will be able to access his anticipated betting site through different methods. It would be best to bet on Dubai for getting fun and money simultaneously.