Betting in France

In Western Europe, France is a great country when it comes to betting and gambling. All forms of betting and gambling are legal and regulated in France, so it is a gambling-friendly country. The status for France regarding gambling and betting is they are already regulated for all licensed online sites for sports and other betting. In this article, you will find details on betting in France.

Complete Guide to Betting in France

Once you have decided to bet in France, you need to know some things about the gambling industry, features, and options that will help you in the betting process. The regulated products in France are sports betting, casino games, lottery, poker, bongo, scratch cards, and horse race betting. But there are some more things that you need to know. Here are all of them.

1.    Betting in France: Important Things to Know

The most essential things or points that you should always remember when you start gambling or betting in France are:

  • There are 15 websites for betting and 13 licensed betting operators across the country;
  • No licensed online casinos are available;
  • Winnings for sports betting and horse racing are tax-free;
  • Players must be 18 years or above of age for betting and gambling;
  • No licensed spread and exchange betting websites are there in France;
  • Punting on unlicensed bookmakers are blocked from the internet provider, though they are not illegal;

2.    Features of France Betting

The French betting and gambling market is almost similar to the markets of other developed countries. Some best features of the betting market in France are:

  • Live match streaming, cash-outs, and in-play bets are very popular in France;
  • Players can go to the betting site to offer features and products;
  • Horse race betting is the most popular option for betting;

3.    Some Options for Betting

The best options for bettors in France are:

  • Horse Race Betting;
  • Sports Betting;
  • Live Betting;
  • Casino Games;

Finding Out Different Betting Options in France

There are a lot of French bookies who are recommended by betting experts because they are considered as the best among all and you can try them out. But you are always free to try out some other options available in the French market. You must be aware of the red flags before registering in a betting site and committing your money. Mentioned below are the essential factors that you need to consider while finding out betting options.

Betting and Gambling License

Licenses give them the rubber stamps to make them a legal entity irrespective of the country. Though it is highly recommended to play on the best online betting in France sites that are licensed by ARJEL, you can try out some offshore sites as well. For that, you have to get the offshore licensing authority to ensure that you do not face any dispute.

Bonuses Offered by the Bookie

Promotions and bonuses are a vital part of a player’s betting activities on an online site. The best sports betting sites in France will always give bonuses to you that cover the moment you register.

SSL Encrypted Logo

When betting in France online, you must find out the betting and gambling sites that have an SSL encrypted logo. This ensures that all the information related to your betting is secured.

Payment Methods

It is recommended to opt for a site that accepts process withdrawals and deposits through the ways that are easier for you to access. Never use proxies to make deposits in offshore betting sites because it is not licensed in the country.

Best Sites for Betting for France Players

Now that you know the ways to find out the best betting options for yourself, you also need to know how casino games can be played, how do they work, and what kind of bonuses you can expect from those. Here are some of the most-played casino games.

22 Bet

It has been developed by experienced betting professionals and experts. You will find a range of advantages of betting on this site like quick withdrawals, high-class customer support, a huge number of betting markets, and convenient options for payment. You will also receive a welcome bonus once you register.

Bet 365

Among all the sports betting sites in France, this is the best live betting site good for both experienced and beginners. It is easy to use and the deposits and withdrawals are done quickly. It has different markets for in-play bets. Various credits are offered by Bet 365.


This betting site is advantageous because it is one of the few bookmakers that are real and true in the entire industry of gambling and betting. They have developed their betting platform and have introduced smart moves for the ease of bettors. They offer bonuses for promotions.


This France online betting site has been designed for the players to use it on their mobile phones. It has a wide range of different casino games that you are going to enjoy. There is no limit for withdrawals in a month. It hosts slots and table games as well.


It is a betting site that is great for sports betting as well as online casino games. It is one of the trusted sites for betting experts and professionals. It provides customer support 24X7. You will get a welcome bonus when you play for the first week.

Types of Games to Bet on in France

There are 3 types of best online betting in France games on which you can bet. They are as follows.

Sports Betting

It includes tennis, handball, volleyball, baseball, snooker, hockey and ice hockey, biathlon, American football, among others. You can bet on Formula 1 too in France.

Horse Racing

It is considered the first betting platform for French.


It is another example of the betting platform in France.

Casino Games

It looks like table games and slots are licensed in France.

Live Betting

It is also legal in the country.

Common Types of Bonuses in French Casinos

Just like top betting sites in France, the most common types of bonuses that you can earn in French casinos are:

  • Free Spins;
  • Small Deposit Bonuses;
  • Free Bets;
  • Lotteries;
  • Sign Up Bonuses;

Final Verdict

The process of betting in France will become easier for you with all the information gathered from this article.