Betting in Spain

The implementation of online betting in Spain took a lot of time but now it looks that there is great of hope for betters in the betting industry. The government of Spain had a negative attitude towards the idea of online gambling in the country. The need of gambling forced the government to introduce The Spanish Gambling Act which happened in 2011. This was meant to regulate the online betting sector which had no strict gambling rules reinstated.

This act however has succeeded in bringing a bit of sanity in the industry for both betting companies and punters. This has also led to the introduction of Decision de Oredenacion Del Juego. This is a national regulatory body that aims at dealing with online betting sites that are not licensed and block them if they don’t adhere to the regulation conduct of the country.

How do you find Betting options in Spain?

Online sports games and football betting sites in Spain are open to anyone over 18 years of age and you can bet on all local and foreign online bookmakers that are legalised in the country. Spain has some of the best betting sites which can be found through online reviews and other community forums. Some of them are advertised through local TV and radio stations and the government of Kenya has put restrictions on advertisement hours to minimize the spread of betting.

What are the best Betting Sites for Spanish Players?

Before you think of betting while in Spain, you need to know about some of the best betting sites that are legally available in Spain. Each bookmaker in Spain has a different when it comes to the page set up and markets but the information is usually similar. Betting in Spain requires punters to open accounts with overseas firms who have Juego Seguro licenses. The following are some of the best online sites you can ever find in Spain:


Bet365 is a licenced betting sportsbook with the best interface ever seen. The sportsbook is one of the best that offers a range of fantastic sporting markets in the sports betting industry. It allows betting in soccer Spain and other online sports option as well. It also has a comprehensive coverage on horse racing and is amongst the first who begun services in Spain.

Bet365 is amongst the fastest sportsbooks to update markets of the upcoming fixtures and carries very competitive site margins than the rest bookmakers in the industry. Bet365 requires very low minimum deposit and you can place your bets at a very minimum amount. It requires very little withdrawal charges by bank accounts.


Betfair operates in more than 40 countries all over the world and currently nine countries have a Betfair license. These countries include Australia, Denmark, Italy, Malta, Spain, Gibraltar, UK, USA and Bulgaria. It begun its services to punters in 2000 and the idea was between Andre Black and Edward Wray. During the time, bettors placed wagers against themselves instead of doing it with a bookmaker. It is legally allowed to carry out online betting services in Spain.


Betway is one of the top sites you can find betting in Spain and other online sports betting option that are all over the world. They have a poker community and provide a Vegas-based casino as well. They have a generous welcoming bonus and offers easy navigation. It is a registered and regulated online sports betting in Spain under the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) body. It is one of the best sites in the country that offer attractive betting markets on NFL, NBA, MLS and NHL matches. Besides, it is amongst the selected betting sites in Spain with dedicated eSports section.

Betway provides a sign-up offer to all its clients in the country which can be redeemed easily and quickly. They offer a welcome bonus, $150 bonus on bingo and many more.


If you are looking unto which betting sites work in Spain then WilliamHill is one of them. The sportsbook offers betting on sports game like baccarat, roulette, live dealer games, blackjack, live and in-play through Playtech and OpenBet program. The primary language on the site is Spanish and the site is legally licenced to operate in Spain. WilliamHill offers up to £50 free beat sign up bonus that can be redeemed using ESP200 code once you make your first deposit as a new member. The bonus is usually in a form of a free bet and not real cash.

For existing members, there are £25 free bets when you wage for £70 and above and when the stake comprises of three multiple bets.


Suertia is a small but one of the top betting sites in Spain that offers betting on sports, poker, bingo, roulette, blackjack and baccarat through the GTECH G2 platform. The site is hosted in Catalonia, Barcelona and covers a lot of information with a lot of options to bet on just like its competitors. It was granted licence by DGOJ in 2013 to offer services to Spain citizens. It has several bonus offers that its users can make use of them. They give a 50 percent bonus sign up offer for casino and other promotions too.

What type of games can you bet on in Spain?

The most popular online games that you can bet on in Spain include football that is the favourite amongst the citizens with many punters behind the famous teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Valencia which are in the Spanish La Liga. Others include Basketball and casinos.

Most common bonuses that you can find in Spanish casinos

Competition between the bookmakers has brought high intensity in improving the way how its clients bet by introducing bonuses and promotions to make the game more attractive. When there is stiff competition between bookmakers, punters are on the benefiting side. Most of the betting sites have been forced to lower down the odds and provide more markets so that it looks very unique from the rest.

Most online sports betting companies that offer kits services in Spain give free sign up offers so that they can manage to have more new members on board. The sites also offer its existing punters free bets so that they can maintain them. Punters must be aware of such offers as some or most of them are not transparent. As a punter, check out for the possibility of the money won through the free bet being rolled over before withdrawing it.

Final Verdict

The future of online sports betting in Spain looks promising even though it has been just in operation for few years. This review has outlined some of the measures the government of Spain has put in place to bring sanity into the gambling industry in Spain. Punters in Spain are required by law to pay tax on their winning values and the amount to be deducted doesn’t need to be deducted from the stakes they have lost. Through this review, you can be able to differentiate between legally operating sites from that which have not been licensed to operate in Spain. Most of those who been operating in the country for a long time are licenced by The Spanish Gambling Act established in 2011.